Barrel Racing


I’m about to type an unpopular opinion. Your home-trained horse doesn’t make you a better competitor than the gal that runs a “made” horse. Barrel racing is an intricate balance of knowing the horse you’re running, trusting that horse with your life, and hoping to hell that you don’t fall off.  I know I’ve fallen… Continue reading Partnership

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Sustainable Change

Ever hear someone’s story about how they changed their life like a flip of the switch? Great stories, not always feasible. Or at least, that's how I see things, unpopular opinion and all. If you’re like me, you’ve always felt like you’re in the middle. Nothing too crazy, good or bad going on, but no… Continue reading Sustainable Change

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Listen Up

We barrel racers are never content. We are always searching for the next big thing- whether it is our next world-beater, the best bits, or the next big supplement/feed/witch’s brew. We want the best combination of bit, tack, technique, and training for ourselves and our horses. We subscribe to emails, newsletters, Barrel Horse World, and… Continue reading Listen Up

Barrel Racing, Outside the arena

a Tenth of a Second

A friend of mine recently had an experience on the rodeo trail. A motorcyclist wrecked right in front of her as she was driving in city traffic with her rig. Talk about an eye opener. Everyone is okay, but my friend had a pretty clear message; there are so many more important things in life… Continue reading a Tenth of a Second

Barrel Racing, Mental game

Give Yourself a Chance

I was recently at a jackpot where a strong competitor knocked a barrel. As I was standing there, watching the rest of her run, I heard a snippet of conversation that upset me. “Well, she’s finally giving the rest of us a chance.” I was absolutely floored. It isn’t the first time I’ve heard that… Continue reading Give Yourself a Chance