Barrel Racing

Don’t Be a Daffy Duck

The Million Hare <–the link to the episode for your viewing enjoyment!

I recently watched an episode of Looney Toons where Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck enter into a buddy race for a “million bucks.” Daffy loses sight of everything but winner as he attempts to win at any cost. He becomes so obsessed with winning that he forgets about his friendship with Bugs and that this is a “buddy race.” The question is, what can we learn from Looney Toons?

  1. Stay focused on yourself, try your best no matter what (or who you are competing against). Sometimes we get so wrapped up in beating that one person that we forget to run our own race. Daffy might have been way ahead of Bugs if he had run his own race (I know, it is Looney Toons and where is the fun in that?!).
  2. Determine what is important to you. Do you want to win. I matter what or do you want to enjoy the journey with your horse? Do you want to be seen as a ruthless competitor or a winner that competes with class and grace? At the end of the race Daffy is disappointed with the prize as it is actually a “million box” that contains a million little boxes. He actually gives the prize to Bugs only to find out that the million boxes each contain $1. In the end, Daffy is pictured as an ass. 
  3. Remember your strengths. Daffy is so caught up in this race and beating Bugs that he forgets he can fly and swim! How much easier would this race be for him if he had focused on his strengths and used them to his advantage?! Know your strengths, write them down and utilize them when the going gets tough! 
Don’t be like Daffy!



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