Barrel Racing

Round 1 notes

Disclaimer: I am a nerd. I am not afraid to admit this. So I’ve watched and re watched the first round this morning. After obsessively studying these 15 runs, I’ve come to a few conclusions.  (Yes, I took notes!)

  1. These girls push their horses into first. They do not cruise. They cannot afford to waste time floating to that barrel. Also, a few girls strode by first but still clocked within a few tenths of the winner. 
  2. You have to react fast. Fallon was able to lose her reins, save a barrel and still have a decent run! Muscle memory and good equipment play key roles in a barrel run. 
  3. These girls let their horses work without getting in their way. This also goes back to muscle memory. Most of these girls know their horses well and it shows as they actively try to get out of their horses’ way and let them work around those barrels. 

I definitely benefited from watching these 15 superstars and their equine counterparts work. I am looking forward to another 9 rounds of great barrel racing. They have inspired me to take a second look at my 2016 goals and have made me hungry for rodeo season! Dream big and decide to try!


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