Barrel Racing

Round 2 notes

Here are my observations from the 2015 second round of the 2015 WNFR barrel racing. 

  1. The ladies rode the “whole horse,” they weren’t just concerned about their horse’s nose or shoulder. It takes the whole horse to turn a barrel quickly and power through the straight run. One I noticed in particular was Sarah, she was careful to not get too far ahead of Bling while still pushing her deep into each barrel. 
  2. They positioned their horses so that those horses could succeed at doing their job- turning a barrel. All of them had excellent pockets that let to nice, smooth turns. 
  3. Even though they were going Mach 3, they helped their horses going into first. It looked different for every rider, but with a blind alleyway and a short score those girls had to help those horses nail that first barrel. No horse was on “auto pilot.” Some took a hold of their horse’s nose to the inside, while others checked their horses. 

I know these aren’t major break throughs but I really needed reminded on the basics that lead to great barrel runs. Who better to watch and learn from but the top fifteen in the world? 


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