Outside the arena

2015 in review

For those readers who know me, you know that 2015 has been a crazy year for me. For those of you who do not know my story, I lost my mom to a short but excruciating battle of pancreatic cancer. She passed roughly a month after her diagnosis. I also dropped everything (literally) to move home again to care for her and help my dad. I got to see my husband and my barrel horse about once a month from mid May to the end of July. 



photo courtesy of Jackie Jensen
Good things happened too, though. I (finally!) got my PR status in Canada. We got a house. I have my temporary teaching permit and I began to sub. My good mare also had her first foal; a little, fluffy chameleon we call Belle (she’s changed coat colors about four times since her birth). I can, without a doubt, say that God has blessed me in 2015. Just not in the way I had planned. 

I compiled a short list of things I learned and that best describe the year 2015 to me. 

  • Life is short, enjoy it while you can. It does sound like a cliché but after mom was diagnosed her biggest joy was watching her grandchildren compete at Jr. High State Finals. 
  • Family is everything. Seriously. I would not trade my Summer with my family for anything. 
  • Life is beautiful, messy, loud and chaotic. It also has a tendency to not go as we plan. God’s road map and ours look waaaay different. 
  • A break is not necessarily a bad thing for barrel horses. Deuce had some growing moments after I came home, but we really started to click this Fall!
  • Friends can be more precious than gold. A good friend (or in my case, 4 or so) can help you through anything. 
  • Goals and dreams are essential. A person needs a goal to work towards or else she is just going through the paces of living. 

2015 has been a year of tragedy and growth. I hope I can continue to grow and pursue my goals in 2016! 2015 was learning, 2016 is the year of the pro. 

Decide to try,



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