Barrel Racing

Healthy Snacks For On the Go

We barrel racers are sure a strange bunch of people! We put so much effort into feeding our horses the optimum diet to ensure the best performance and peak health, yet we are content to eat a burger and a Coke from the concession stand at the jackpot. I get it, we are busy. We balance work (or school, or both!), a social life with this crazy thing we call barrel racing. Sometimes eating healthy gets thrown out the window as we are racing onto the next thing on our to-do list. I think it is about time that we put some effort into eating well, it is the least we can do for our horses (and ourselves, lets be honest!). To help you get started on eating healthier while on the go, here is a list of my favorite healthy snacks we can indulge in while running to the feed store…farrier…jackpot…tack store- you get the picture!

  1. Almonds. These little buggers have 4 grams of protein per serving and you can buy them in little pre-packaged single servings! Add some dried fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth and add fiber.
  2. Hummus. This little bowl of dip really packs a punch with 5 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber (per serving!). Instead of ranch dressing, substitute hummus to dip your favorite vegetables or use it as a healthier option in lieu of mayonnaise on sandwiches. It also comes in great flavors such as roasted red pepper (my personal favorite).
  3. Vegetables. I personally love bell peppers, but baby carrots, snap peas, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes also travel well too. You can prep ahead of time and have a healthy serving of vegetables ready to roll down the road.
  4. Beef jerky. It comes in a variety of flavors (peppered, anyone?) and is easy to transport. Watch for brands that have a lot of sugar added and eat in moderation.
  5. Fruit. Apples, oranges and bananas are staples but don’t forget the dried variety; they add flavor and variety while being easy to transport. Plus, dried fruit might be the types you don’t usually eat, like mangoes or cranberries.

This is just the tip of the iceberg! There are so many snacks are easy to prepare and easy to eat while going down the road. So be creative and be healthy!




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