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Looking Forward

As New Years approaches my thoughts turn to setting goals. I was going to write an inspirational post about setting your goals (cough, cough- New Years resolutions), but that has been done before.

Instead, I decided to share my planner, which includes my 2017 goal sheet and my 2016 goals in addition to other inspirational doo-dads. My planner serves as a goal setting tool in addition to a year planner! I couldn’t function without it.


I know, it’s snazzy and all fancy. My sister bought it for me for Christmas once upon a time.


It contains reminders. Be humble. Stick to your goals. Pressure creates diamonds. 


Sometimes fortune cookies give great advice.


This is my goal sheet from 2016. My goals have changed drastically since I wrote these down in January 2016. Deuce turned into a calf horse in April. I ran Jellybean in two futurities (She placed in the 2D once and the 1D once). Jellybean (kinda) placed at one rodeo, she was 9th and the rodeo paid 8.

As I reviewed last year’s goal sheet, I’m reminded that I should revisit my goals more than once a year.

The two sections remind me that goals should be realistic, but I can’t just let go of my dreams, even if I never achieve them. They drive me, they motivate me, they inspire me.

Now, for the important part; my 2017 goal sheet. Everything has changed, even my fantasy goals have shifted!


I tried to keep my reality goals simple, attainable and easily measured. My last goal, does not follow those rules, but I feel like it is necessary if I want to grow as a person and a competitor.

My planner is not just a calendar, it is a notebook of ideas, a goal setting tool and it serves as encouragement if I ever feel down or discouraged.

so what’s my New Years resolution? To be a goal digger: to make goals, smash them and re-assess monthly! Join me!


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