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My Horse is a Unicorn (or, the Power of Positive Speaking)

My horse is a unicorn. No, she doesn’t have a giant horn on her forehead, she doesn’t fart rainbows and she’s not white with a rainbow mane and tail (she’s brown, a perfectly beautiful colour for a unicorn, thank you very much).

These things do not make her less of a unicorn in my eyes. She isn’t perfect, sometimes she has an attitude, she doesn’t like people touching her butt and funny noises sometimes drive her bonkers.

This is not Jellybean

I am not going to say my horse is bad, worthless or dumb because words are powerful, they reflect how we think and feel, and sometimes they become self-fulfilling prophecies. If we run the risk of speaking our truths, then why should we speak the worst of what we think?
We get so caught up in the negative of our sport, when our colts spook at the shadow at third barrel, the loud music bothers them or they just don’t perform as well as we think they should. Instead of dwelling on those negative things, let’s look on the bright side and see how we can improve.
For example: Jellybean doesn’t have an attitude, she has grit and rodeo potential, She needs some seasoning and she has quirks. I plan on seasoning her this year at some amateur rodeos and various jackpots. The road won’t be smooth, but we’ll be improving and getting ready for 2018!

Jellybean and I improving ourselves this Winter

The largest room in the world is the room for improvement, a wise team roper once told me that. Look at all the space we have to grow and learn! Let’s use it! Focus on improving and getting better and the negative things won’t seem so pressing and serious. I’m not saying you won’t have set backs, the road won’t be smooth, but keep going!

Photo courtesy Country Monkey Photography

So yes, my horse is a unicorn… in training. Someday she’ll be a full-fledged, boss-babe rodeo unicorn, but until then we’ll keep improving and speaking positively!

Until next time, decide to try!



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