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One Month Later- Goal Assessment

One part of my goal setting routine is to evaluate my goals often, or at the very least, evaluate them monthly. As February approaches, I figured it was high time to look back at January’s goals and start planning for the month ahead.


My goal for January was “to get in tune with Jellybean and season her by attending two jackpots.” My weekly break downs looked something like this (with some week-to-week variation):

  • Ride 2-3x a week

  • workout 2-3x a week

January did not go as planned, as some months do. The weather for the first couple of weeks was too cold for me to ride, but I did get some riding done. I did accomplish my weekly goals for working out for 3 of 4 weeks that have gone by so far (my January planning counts this week as a part of January).

Let me go back to my monthly goal, “get in tune with Jellybean.” It is a broad statement, but I had a specific idea in my head what that looked like. She is young (5, and pretty green) and so I wanted to figure some things out with her. Things did not go as planned (sounds like my entire month, doesn’t it?), but I did accomplish my goal. I learned some things about Jellybean that I did not know before; specifically, she likes the right barrel for her first on the pattern.img_3246

Sometimes things do not go as planned, and it is not always a bad thing! When this happens, don’t stress and keep moving forward. Looking ahead, don’t be hard on yourself if your January didn’t go as planned. Begin anew, set goals for February and smash them!

If you are feeling overwhelmed and you think your goals are unattainable, maybe it is time to evaluate your goal making process. Take a good look at your goals, are they attainable? Measurable? Simple? Maybe your goals need to be broken down further. For example, if your goal is to eat healthier then maybe make sub goals (on a weekly or daily basis) about subbing a vegetable as a snack or drinking — oz of water a day or even cutting it down to one cup of coffee per day. Focus on small, easily attainable steps that can be done everyday and they can lead to big results.

Let’s take it one step further. Prepare for success. If your goal is to drink that — oz of water everyday, then pack that amount of water (or at least a cool water bottle that can be refilled) with you to work, or running errands or even to the weeknight jackpot. If it is to eat healthier, then pack healthy options for snacks while on the road (see my post about healthy snack options here!).

If you are still feeling down and stressed, remember Isaiah 40:31 states that “those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” Take a deep breath and remember, we are doing what we love and what we love should not stress us out unduly.

I know I did not accomplish all my goals in January, but I can set goals for February and work towards accomplishing them. As long as I seek to improve and wake up everyday with the resolve to try then I am working towards my ultimate goals. The day I don’t try is a day that I take a step backward. Little effort is better than no effort.

Until next time, decide to try and chase your dreams.



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