What You Don’t See in the Highlight Reel 

Sometimes we get so caught up in sharing the good moments of our lives, that the daily struggles and uphill battles get ignored. No one has the perfect life, despite what their Instagram account looks like.  The highlight reel shows only what people want you to see, the best, the highs and the success, but I think we can appreciate the journey, the struggle, the quest that leads to success. I want to share with you the struggle I’m currently going through. It might seem minor to some, but it is a struggle for me nonetheless. In May 2015 I started having hip/lower back pain. I assumed it was from standing all day during my shift at the store, sitting too long in those horrid chairs while mom received her chemo or from running too much (is there such a thing?). I figured a chiropractic adjustment and some stretching would set me to rights again.

Around New Years 2016 I had an episode where I couldn’t walk unaided for two days. I hobbled around the house, leaning on the walls or my extra tall foam roller as my crutch. I made up my mind something more was going on. A set of x-rays and a doctor’s visit confirmed that I wasn’t going crazy. They suspected a labral tear in the hip joint. Just keep doing what you’re doing, you can’t hurt it more and yes, you can still ride were the answers to some of my questions. Nothing to do but wait for an MRI.

I’ve had good days, bad days and moments in between. I ride lots in my treeless saddle because I don’t hurt as much after my ride than if i rode in anything else. For a month I even returned to running, the cortisone shot had me feeling like superman until it wore off some weeks later.

Today I go for my MRI. After a year of waiting, my husband and I decided to go to private clinic. I’m tired of limping, I’m tired of waiting and I just want to get better. 

The point of this post is this, just because you don’t see pictures and posts of a person’s struggles, doesn’t mean they aren’t. No one has the perfect life, we all have trials. We have good days, we have bad days. Let’s be kind to one another. Build each other up, instead of tear one another down.

Also, don’t be afraid to share some of your struggles and the rough patches of your journey. It’s ok to be fallible, imperfect and human on our social media accounts. Maybe, someone will read about how you overcame (name a problem) benefit from your story.

What is something you struggle with right now?


11 thoughts on “What You Don’t See in the Highlight Reel ”

  1. I liked your post. I had labral tears and FAI in both hips at the same time, it was crippling. I had both hips operated on, seven months apart.
    It’s very true what you said, one should basically not judge somebody if one has no idea about their struggles.
    I wish you good luck and in case you go for the surgery, I wish you A LOT of patience. You will need it, but it is doable. 👍🏻


      1. As I said, in case you go the surgery route, it will test your patience BIG time. The recovery is doable but is very slow and a rollercoaster for a long time.
        No, it was not fun having both hips go downhill at the same time. It came out of nowhere and within 8 weeks I was bedridden and had no life left.

        My blog starts with the day of surgery, in case you are interested. Might be interesting for you.

        You have my full sympathy with your labral tear, honestly. 🌷


      2. I just saw you are following my blog.

        You are certainly welcome to do so but in case you are interested in my recovery from hip arthroscopy, then you would have to go on

        At the moment you are signed up for my “other” blog, a travel blog.


      3. The big thing I’m frustrated with (I live in Canada, things take time) is I feel like my life is passing me by. I’m 27 years old, had to quit running and my husband grounded me from my horses (he has a point, I just didn’t want to see it, they’ve been a part of my life since I was a baby). I waited a year for an MRI and still don’t have a report from it (it’s been a week, I’m tired of waiting but I know the answers will come a little faster now)

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      4. I understand more than you can imagine.

        I am not sure if this is an option for you at all to have surgery in the US, but you could send your images for a free read (!) to Dr. Shane Nho in Chicago.
        He is considered one of the best orthopedic surgeons in the US. I know many who had surgery with him and they all speak very highly of him.


      5. I have a cousin and a family friend who are both into ortho and they are looking at them too.
        Surgery in the States isn’t quite possible with our dollar being so low right now
        Thank you the tip though!

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      6. Just make sure whoever is looking at your images is specialized in FAI and labral tears. If the person is not trained in it, he will not know what he is looking at.

        Another good tip would be to join a support group on Facebook. It’s called ” hip impingement support north America”. It’s a great group, I was in there for a long time.
        A lot of knowledgable people there. It’s a closed group and people there “get it”, because they are all in the same boat. It is a safe haven for hipsters.
        A lot of Canadians are in there too.


      7. No problem. That group was my life saver for a long time. I wish you the best with your journey.

        From one hipster to another. 😘


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