Barrel Racing, Mental game

Give Yourself a Chance

I was recently at a jackpot where a strong competitor knocked a barrel. As I was standing there, watching the rest of her run, I heard a snippet of conversation that upset me. “Well, she’s finally giving the rest of us a chance.” I was absolutely floored. It isn’t the first time I’ve heard that… Continue reading Give Yourself a Chance

Barrel Racing, Mental game

Get Out of Your Head

I hope everyone had a great Canada Day and/or 4th of July run with fast times and safe drives! While on my (rather short and sweet) run with Jellybean, I had time to think on a rough patch we went through awhile back. Seasoning a rodeo horse is never easy, though I will say Jellybean… Continue reading Get Out of Your Head

Mental game, Outside the arena

One Month Later- Goal Assessment

One part of my goal setting routine is to evaluate my goals often, or at the very least, evaluate them monthly. As February approaches, I figured it was high time to look back at January's goals and start planning for the month ahead. My goal for January was “to get in tune with Jellybean and… Continue reading One Month Later- Goal Assessment

Barrel Racing, Mental game

My Horse is a Unicorn (or, the Power of Positive Speaking)

My horse is a unicorn. No, she doesn't have a giant horn on her forehead, she doesn't fart rainbows and she's not white with a rainbow mane and tail (she's brown, a perfectly beautiful colour for a unicorn, thank you very much). These things do not make her less of a unicorn in my eyes.… Continue reading My Horse is a Unicorn (or, the Power of Positive Speaking)

Barrel Racing, Mental game, Outside the arena

Looking Forward

As New Years approaches my thoughts turn to setting goals. I was going to write an inspirational post about setting your goals (cough, cough- New Years resolutions), but that has been done before. Instead, I decided to share my planner, which includes my 2017 goal sheet and my 2016 goals in addition to other inspirational… Continue reading Looking Forward