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Dear Cryin’ Hole

Dear Cryin' Hole,  You're not a bad spot. You tell me that I'm almost there (not quite). That being said, I'd really like to pull a cheque.  My horse is working, we're clicking but I keep landing on you. Just about every rodeo, every weekend. I'm paying my dues, seasoning my horse. I don't mind… Continue reading Dear Cryin’ Hole

Barrel Racing, Rodeo

A letter to my fellow competitors 

Be brave, my sister. Yes, you, the woman who works full time in order to afford to chase her (your!) dreams.¬†The woman who sacrifices a social life to drive 8 hours to season her colts. The woman who rides in the light from her pickup headlights after work. The woman who loves her horses and… Continue reading A letter to my fellow competitors¬†

Barrel Racing, Rodeo

Round 2 Analysis: Timing

Another round, another chance to observe the top fifteen of the world. Instead of analyzing every run in this post, I'm going to post about the thing that bonked me over the head as I watched the round last night. I'm talking about timing. I hear bronc riders, bull riders and calf ropers talk about… Continue reading Round 2 Analysis: Timing