Barrel Racing

Eyes Up

As barrel racers we hear it often said "keep your eyes up", "look for the next barrel", "never look down the horse's neck". Now in terms of physics and geometry, when you find yourself piloting an animal this big at that rate of speed, looking up seems imperative. Why? You look down for the wrong… Continue reading Eyes Up

Barrel Racing

Reach & Roundness

It's well established that barrel racing is a timed event. With the step up in breeding, equipment, and the ability we have to network with each other almost instantly to source information or new contacts, the game just keeps getting tougher. So you have your go to bloodlines, your favourite clinicians, that magic bit and… Continue reading Reach & Roundness


What You Don’t See in the Highlight Reel 

Sometimes we get so caught up in sharing the good moments of our lives, that the daily struggles and uphill battles get ignored. No one has the perfect life, despite what their Instagram account looks like.  The highlight reel shows only what people want you to see, the best, the highs and the success, but… Continue reading What You Don’t See in the Highlight Reel 

Barrel Racing, Rodeo

A letter to my fellow competitors 

Be brave, my sister. Yes, you, the woman who works full time in order to afford to chase her (your!) dreams. The woman who sacrifices a social life to drive 8 hours to season her colts. The woman who rides in the light from her pickup headlights after work. The woman who loves her horses and… Continue reading A letter to my fellow competitors